Sometimes Derek just looks like he needs a hug.

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the best characters are ones that act cool or charismatic but are actually fucking losers


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So, what if Derek comes back and is all “Scott please let me be your Beta, being an Omega is the worst, I promise I will follow all your orders and be a good soldier, I swear I can follow directions please let me PLEASE.”

And Scott squints at him and say “All of my orders? Like, ALL of them?”

And Derek nods furiously.

"Okay. Go get a massage."

And Derek frowns and says “what, that’s stupid, what are you talking about,” and Scott says “YOU SAID YOU WOULD FOLLOW MY ORDERS NOW GO GET A MASSAGE” and flashes his red eyes. So Derek goes and gets a massage—probably at a kiosk place in the mall, so he doesn’t have to take off his shirt, but after going he actually feels really good and energized yet relaxed, and also proud of himself for following his Alpha’s orders.

At the next pack meeting, after telling everyone what sort of perimeter patrols they’d be doing for the rest of the week, Scott asks Derek to stay behind for a minute. “I need to know which Indian restaurant in town has the most delicious Chicken Korma. I need you to go eat at all of them over the next month and decide which one is the best.”

Derek blinks. He loves Chicken Korma. He had eaten almost all of it that one time Stiles had brought some to a stakeout, a long time ago. “I—fine. I could have it done by Saturday, if you want.”

Scott shakes his head. “No, you’ll get sick of it and then you won’t be able to rank the later places accurately. Just try a new place whenever you’re in the mood for Indian, and then rank them for me.”

"Do you just care about taste, or do you want me to include levels for service and price?"

"That’s a good idea," Scott says, nodding approvingly. "Yes, include whatever you think is important."

The next week, he’s paying the check at Cafe Tandoor when he gets a text from Scott. I need your help at work tomorrow it reads.

When Derek shows up, Scott directs him to a box full of puppies. “Someone brought in these strays last night, and they have really matted fur, so I need you to brush them. I’d do it, but I have to work on cleaning out the cages.”

Derek looks down at where the puppies are whining up at him, tumbling over each other in eagerness. “I could clean the cages, if you want.” It seems more fair for him to do the grosser job.

"No, Deaton has a whole method he likes me to use, and it would take forever for me to show you where everything is and what to do. It’s faster this way."

Derek sits down on the floor and begins carding through the smallest puppy’s fur. It squeaks in delight and nuzzles against his hand.

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  • Derek and Boyd going bowling.
  • Derek and Boyd hanging out watching television and laughing at the same things.
  • Derek and Boyd having lunch together because Boyd doesn’t like to eat lunch alone.
  • Derek and Boyd going to look at wedding rings and trying to pick out one that Erica may like.
  • Scott and Boyd dragging Derek along with them as they go on a double date because Stiles didn’t want to stay at home.
  • Derek walking Erica down the aisle and nodding and smiling at Boyd.
  • Derek and Boyd being not only friends but family.

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i dont even know how to process that episode of teen wolf or what to even feel


like who am i what am i

am i human or am i dancer because right now all i feel is derek hales backstory and it hURTS


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Kreon by Stijn.